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Whatever the fate, we are still open for business with our European/EU customers. Our company has been established for 33 years in London and during that time, we have conducted a large amount of business with our European customers. From the encouraging feedback we have received so far, our European customers will continue to do business with us despite Brexit.

Sure, there may be one or two challenges ahead but they are nothing that cannot be resolved. We will cooperate with our EU customers to deliver a first class service for which we are well known for. We will also seek to assist in other ways to lighten any burden which may come as a result of Brexit.

There may be (but not necessary) slight delays when importing due to extra customs checks, but if our customers can kindly plan a little ahead, this need not be an issue.

Our products are extremely popular around the world and our service is second to none. Please read our google reviews to get a snapshot of what our domestic and international customers have to say about our products and service.  Thankfully, Brexit is not the end of the world :-)

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