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Silhouette Studio Business Edition - Full Version

Silhouette Studio Business Edition - Full Version


Silhouette Studio Business Edition - Full Version

  • Product Info

    Silhouette Studio® Business Edition is intended for small business users who want to unlock, explore and utilise the full potential of the Silhouette Studio® software.


    Key Features:

    • Automated Weed Line Feature
    • Multi-Cutter Support
    • Tiling
    • Compatible With Both PC & MAC


    Silhouette Studio® | Business Edition

    Silhouette Studio® Business Edition is intended for small business users who want to unlock and explore further features of the software, like multi-cutting support, weed line options, and advanced nesting features. It is designed for full-scale, large-quantity projects and helps users save time on designing and cutting out extensive amounts of material.

    If you are a business owner who runs more than one Silhouette machine Business Edition allows the user to operate multiple machines from the same computer which enables you to mass produce jobs in a faster time then ever before. Business Edition also allows the user to import Ai, EPS and CDR files giving you the ability to work with the most popular design formats that customer may require you to cut from with ease.

    Silhouette Studio® Business Edition comes equipped with Tiling and Automated Weed Line functions. Tiling automatically breaks your project apart so that it can be cut out in different sections. The Automated Weed Line Function automatically creates lines that will be cut from the unwanted portion of the design to assist in manually removing the vinyl portion that is not part of the design. Both of these functions are unique to the Business Edition package and aren’t available through any other Silhouette Studio® software package.


    Business Edition | Full Feature List:

    • Font Access (For Font Files On Your Computer)
    • Import .JPG | .BMP | . PNG Files
    • Image Effects (B/W | Tint | Colour Saturation)
    • Print & Cut
    • PixScan™
    • Ability To Use SVG Files
    • Layers
    • Nesting
    • Shadow Tool
    • Eraser Set Tools
    • Knife Set Tools
    • Eyedropper Tool
    • Sketch Conversion Tool
    • Advanced Rhinestone Features
    • Import Embroidery Files (PES | DST | EXP | JEF | XXX)
    • Ai/CDR File Capability*
    • Weed Line Feature*
    • Multi-Cutter Support*
    • Design View*
    • Media View*
    • Tiling*

    * Denotes upgrades over Silhouette Studio® | Designer Edition Plus



    Compatible Silhouette Machines

    • Silhouette Cameo Original
    • Silhouette Cameo 2
    • Silhouette Cameo 3
    • Silhouette Curio
    • Silhouette Portrait


    Business Edition | Minimum Software Requirements

    • PC Operating System: Windows 7 | Windows 8 | Windows 10
    • MAC Operating System: OS X 10.7 And Higher
    • Chromebook: Not Supported
    • Internet Connection: Strongly Recommended (For Updates & Access To The Silhouette Design Store)
    • Ram: 2 GB Recommended (Minimum of 1 GB)
    • Processor: 2 Ghz or Faster
    • Memory: 2 GB Hard Disc Space
    • USB Port Type: 1.1 or Higher
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