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18" Hand Wheel and Worktable Feet for EZ Etch Press

18" Hand Wheel and Worktable Feet for EZ Etch Press

£85.00 नियमित मूल्य
£65.00बिक्री मूल्य


Shipping and VAT added at Checkout.

2-4 Working Day Manufacture Time
  • Product Information

    This special combo purchase is for our  
    18" Hand Wheel and a set of 4x Worktable Feet brackets. 
    The 18" handwheel provides a smoother and faster pressing experience with the machine 

    The Worktable feet are the perfect solution to allow you to affix the EZ Etching Press to a worktable and prevent any movement of the machine during use.

    Depending on how level the surface is, you may benefit from placing a washer/piece of card (not supplied) under one or more feet. This Optional Component is only compatible with the 14" EZ Etching Press

    Please note:  Basic assembly required. 
    Please view the image gallery for a photo of the Hand Wheel

    No etching machine is supplied here and anything shown is for illustration purposes only

    We reserve the right to change/improve the design without any prior notice.
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