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A gallery featuring our Hot Foil Stamping Machines & Accessories

The idea behind this page is to show you lots of images of our hot foil stamping machines and accessories which would otherwise clutter up the main information pages. This page offers us more flexibility to show our products in greater detail.


This is our lovely Foilcraft Junior Hot Foil Stamping Machine with a maximum print area of about 4" x 1.25".

The print head on this foil stamping machine can be raised by about 2" thus making it ideal to print onto thicker objects too.


A free die holder is supplied with the Foilcraft Junior, complete with a handle for safety


The die holder can hold dies of varying sizes not exceeding the maximum print area of 4" x 1.25"


The Foilcraft Junior can accept metal or brass letters. In this image, we show 36pt brass type held inside a 'Slip Case'

Hot Foil Type 3

Depending on the size of your letters, you may be able to print upto three lines of 18pt as shown above, or 2 x 36pt, 2 x 24pt + 1 x 18pt - a generous print area for a compact machine!


This image show 3 x 72pt block letters inside the Chase.

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