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Printing Bulky Items with the FoilCraft 4x3

Back when the FoilCraft 4x3 machine was being designed, we knew that a very important feature of the machine would be the height adjustment. So lets take a look at why this is the case today...

As part of our Free Testing Service. We were recently asked if we could make a trial print onto an assembled pencil case.

We are always happy to try a new idea and a personalised pencil case containing personalised pencils seems like a great saleable product idea!

After a day or two we received the sample here and immediately saw a couple of things we needed to do to get the right result. Here is a photo of the pencil case:

Our client wanted to print on the opposite side to what is shown here, but the important thing the note is the seam on the back.

When printing with a hot foil machine, you need the product to remain still and flat as otherwise the results might not be very good.

This small seam was going to be a problem unless it was addressed..

Thankfully the solution is simple!

As you can see, with just a little thought we can find a way to support the product very quickly and easily.

In this particular case, all I had to do was place two pieces of the spacing furniture on the bed of the machine with a small gap for the seam to be positioned between.

This allowed the case to rest on a level surface and be more evenly supported.

So what's next?

Well the type needs to be loaded into the machine and the product needs to be aligned.

But First, we need to adjust the height of the FoilCraft, so that we can land the heat platen on the product.


The desk tidy is around 3.3" (8.5cm) thick and many machines would not accept a product of this depth. However the FoilCraft 4x3 has height adjust up to 5 inches so we don't have any problems!

This doesn't take too long and you can see our video and photos below to show the results on this and a few other products too:

There you have it, a personalised desk tidy made possible.

All thanks to a little forethought from CPL on why a hot foil machine needs height adjust...

Have a question on the FoilCraft or a product that needs testing?

Please feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to help!

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