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Using the CPL 'EZ' Etching Press for Lino Cut Printing

Lino printing is simple, fun, and is one of the many printing processes that you can do with the Etching Press!

What you will need: Lino Block, Lino Handle and cutters, Block Printing Ink, Ink Roller,

Etching Press, Printbed and Felt Blanket

By cutting and carving into your linoleum block, you can create a piece of art that is ready to be coated with ink and rolled through your CPL ‘EZ’ Etching Press. Watch the full tutorial video here:

Our friendly team are always available to have a chat about what you are looking to achieve, and help recommend a suitable package for you.

You can contact us via email at for advice at anytime! Or call us on 01708 731294, or chat with us via Whatsapp on +44 7542 592589.

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