Foilcraft Jnr Initials Printing Kit 2

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Foilcraft Junior Initials Printing Kit
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    Foilcraft Junior is our smallest hot foil stamping machine with a maximum print area of 4"x1.25".   Within this print area, it is possible to print upto 3 lines of type or a die as large as 4"x1.25".

    Therefore, if you are looking to personalise leather products, then this machine is adequate for most tasks. For a larger printer area, please look at our Foilcraft 4x3.


    18pt type and accessories are supplied with this machine - ready for personalising names and initials onto leather goods etc. For other type options and sizes, please click here.


    All our machines work on 110v as well as 220v and can be used Worldwide.

    Proudly Designed in Great Britian.

  • What's in the Kit?

    A Starter kit for those wishing to add Initials onto items such as Phone Cases, Tablet Cases, Wallets, etc.


    1. FoilCraft Junior Manual hot foil printing machine with built-in Type Holding Chase (British Design)
    2. 4”x1.25” Die holding block with handle
    3.  Die bonding tape (25mm x 1 metre in length)
    4. Spacing furniture
    5. Piece of Presspahn backing substrate (15cm x 13cm)
    6. Piece of Rubber Cloth backing substrate (15cm x 10.5cm)
    7. Pair of 1.5mm thick magnetic guides
    8. Pair of 6mm thick magnetic guides
    9. 18pt. Times Roman Metal Type* - Double size set (Capitals & Numbers) £126.00+VAT (24pt, 30pt and 36pt also available at extra cost) - please click here for details.
    10.  1 x Plastic Type Tray/Case £7.00+VAT
    11.  Pack of 18pt Quads & Spacers £20.00+VAT
    12.  2 x 18pt. Slip Case £50.00+VAT
    13.  Tool kit
    14.  Instruction manual
    15.  Training DVD (2 Hours and 30 Minutes)
    16.  12 Months warranty (back to base)

      * Type size and style can be changed, if required.

      1 x Roll of standard metallic gold foil
      1 x Test plate/die for you to practice with
      100 x Blank business card size cards for you to practice with
      1 x Horizontal gauge bar
      1 x Pair of heat protective gloves

      Brass Type/Letters
      If you are looking to print onto soft or slightly textured leather, we would recommend using our brass type which is deeper etched and which may help to prevent mistakes or misprints. Please click here for details and refer to the second image which will show you the difference between metal type and brass type. Once on the above page, please explore other links to view our PDF Catalogue.


    Please Note: This machine is sent by Courier Service only due to its weight - please do not change this option at checkout. Thank you.

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