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Quads & Spacers for Hot Foil Printing

Metal Quads & Spacers


Metal Quads & Spacers
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    Quads & Spacers are used to fill in excess space inside a slip case as well as leaving extra character spacing betweeen letters or words.

    As quads & spacers are shorter than the type, they will not print or create an impression onto your products as such.


    The image above shows quads & spacers in metal. We do however supply brass quads & spacers too when used with brass type.

    The second image above shows you how quads and spacers are used with metal and brass type when assembled within a slip case.


    Please note that whilst we try to keep stock readily available, this item might be subject to a manufacture time of 2-3 weeks.

    Maximum temperaute for the economy metal type and quads and spacers should not exceed 120 °C.

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