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Round Leather Key Fob

Round Leather Key Fob

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Round Leather Key Fobs in Saffinao Leather

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  • Round Leather Key Fobs in Saffiano Leather

    These are high quality genuine saffiano leather key fobs (not faux/fake leather). All our products are also sealed at the edges for added style/appeal and longevity.

    Our products are carefully wrapped in a smooth translucent material and then carefully packed into a clear bag for extra protection. Also included is a 'Micro-Pak' to prevent moisture when shipping.

    The stiching on our products is of high quality and precisely and equally spaced. With all the attention to detail, you will have the reassurance of knowing that you will be purchasing products of high quality.

    The split ring and attach can be easily removed to ensure you have an unimpeded surface to print onto.

    Shipping & VAT added at checkout

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