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German Hot Foil Stamping Machine

We have here a one-off used German-made hot foil stamping machine for sale here. It is great for personalisation work.

It incorporates a self-centring letter holder and a small die holder. Letters are not supplied but are available to purchase from us at extra cost.

It also has a precision-made work area with micro height and angle adjustment!  This mechanism can easily be removed from the base of the machine to offer a larger printing base.

Foil is simply laid on the product to be stamped. The auto foil holder has been removed.

This machine is supplied in working order. The cable does have a join, covered with black electrical tape. You would be advised to get this connected professionally using suitable connector available from a DIY store .

This is a clearance items, so no refunds or warranty, unless received 'dead on arrival'

This machine comes with a UK three pin plug.

Clearance  Price: £399.00 + £12 Postage. 
NOW JUST £250.00 + £12.00 postage 
(Price includes VAT)


Semi-Automatic Hot Foil Stamping Machine

(Small compressor required,  not supplied here)

This machine has very little use and is in perfect working order. It was initially designed to use dies only, but using surplus material, we have been able to create a basic Chase so it can hold dies and letters, thus making the machine much more useful.

A semi-automatic machine is great for repetitive work. The machine functions by pressing on the foot pedal. This is a small table-top machine and will fit in any environment.

This is a clearance items, so no refunds or warranty, unless received 'dead on arrival'


Clearance Price: £450.00 + £12.00 Postage.
NOW JUST £299.00 + £12.00 postage 
(Price includes VAT)


Compact Miniature Hot Foil Stamping Machine

This a nice compact hot foil stamping machine for personalising initials. it has a built-in self-centring letter holder plus two drawers for storage of accessories.

This machine work on 220/240v and is supplied with a UK plug. It is had very little use.

All our machines have been tested and are in good working order.

Clearance Price: £499.00 + £12.00 Postage
NOW JUST £399.00 + £12.00 postage 
(Price includes VAT)



Kingsley Hot Foil Stamping Machine
(In working order - but sold for spares and repairs)

This machine looks pretty well used but heats up as it should. The handle is not the original one but it appears to do the job.

The machine has a two line type holder capable of holding upto 18pt letters only. You may be able to find other size letter holders on ebay but I do not supply any other sizes apart from the one described here.

The real gem is that this machine is mounted onto a long wooden base. It appears that it was designed for bolting onto a workbench so that larger items such as bags could easily be personalised as they would overhang.

The glass on the front temperature dial is damaged but I do not think that affects the heating up process.

We took this machine as a part-exchange for one of our new Foilcraft Machines - but this one has been sitting on our shelves for several years. Its time to let this one go to make space. There will be no warranty with this machine as we do not sell any parts. They are generally very reliable American built machines. This one works on 220/240v for UK and Europe

Any questions, please ask before purchase. This is a clearance item, so no refunds unless received dead on arrival.


Clearance Price: £350.00 + £12.00 Postage 
NOW JUST £250.00 + £12.00