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Why purchase from us?

There are numerous reasons why many around the world have fallen in love with our hot foil stamping machines - and it is not difficult to see why. 

Let us summarise a few key points as follows:-


1) British company - British design - British support
We are a a British company with 37 years of track record within the hot foil stamping industry.  Our machines are of British Design and  support is freely available by phone (Mon-Fri) or by email 7 days a week.


2) Robust Manufacturing Techniques
Our hot foil stamping machines are solidly-built using premium grade steel.  They are also designed to be functional and versatile in their use. All machine parts are easily accessible. Foilcraft Machines are now available with matt black finish, which helps them to easily blend in within an office, shop or workshop environment.


3) Flat bed machine for ease of printing, positioning and location of products
In order to print onto many products, a machine with a flat print bed (such as our Foilcraft) is more desirable rather than a platen type where the print bed is located at about 45 degrees angle. This is certainly true when printing onto leather products such as wallets, bags and thicker products in general as a flat bed helps to keep the products secure and in place whilst printing.

4) Adjustable Pressure Screws 
We cannot emphasise enough that a hot foil stamping machine without adjustable pressure screws can lead to poor quality or incomplete print. Our Foilcraft hot foil stamping machines incorporate 4 x adjustable pressure screws which allow you to tilt the print head by a fraction of a mm.  The reason why these are so important is the fact the hot foil stamping process relies on hot foil letters or dies making a PERFECT contact with the substrate. As the letters press into the material, if the print bed is out by a fraction (not perfectly flat), you will get a partial or incomplete print. It's a bit like holding a rubber stamp at an angle and when you stamp, only part of the image is rubber stamped.

It does not matter how cheap the machine is, it has to work perfectly and in our opinion and expertise of 37 years, pressure screws are absolutely essential.  Not only cheaply made machines lack this very important feature, we have also seen this missing on machines costing far more than ours!


5) Height Adjustable
Our Foilcraft EZ Pro hot foil printing machine is probably the only one on the market and within this price range to offer the facility to print onto thicker items by adjusting the height of the print head by as much as 5 inches. This gives you far greater flexibility than machines that do not have this option.

6) Floating Bed
Our Foilcraft EZ Pro hot foil printing machine is once again the only machine on the market  (within this price range)  to offer the option of adding-on an optional 'Floating Bed'.   Coupled with the facility to adjust the height of the print head and add an optional floating bed, your life will become a lot easier to print bags etc with ease.  Please click here to watch a video showing this in action.

WIth CPL, you do not need to pay £1000's more to buy a machine with such features, they are available at a fraction of that cost.


7) Free testing service
We are not here to make a fast buck, we want our customers to be happy with our products and we want to ensure that our machine is the correct machine for your products. This is why we are the only company that offers a  ‘free testing service’. This basically means, you send us samples of your products/materials and we will test them free of charge and report our findings back to you. This way, you can make an informed decision on whether our machine is suitable for your needs or not.  This service is invaluable and it also complies with our policy of honesty and transparency. Our T&C’s can be found by clicking here.


8) Versatile machine
Our Foilcraft hot foil stamping machines are not only portable but they are also extremely versatile. They can for example handle small or large products alike with minimum fuss, thanks to their unique and innovative design. Our Foilcraft machines can for example hot foil initials on leather products with ease or print titles in the middle of an A4 journal or diary with equal ease. 


9) Complete transparency & clear pricing
We would like to think that despite the technical and comprehensive nature of our website, we are clear and transparent about our pricing. We know that our customers greatly appreciate this fact without having to contact us first. There is nothing more annoying than ‘having to call’ to receive a price list as a stance which so often employed by others. Our philosophy is simple, if you have nothing to hide, why not show your prices in advance?


10) Price competitive
We are fully aware that a number of our competitors charge a great deal more than we do for their machines which invariably do a very similar job to what ours do, give or take a few minor differences.  Of course in fairness, we do not know what their overheads are and this could explain the greater price differential.

All we can say is that we keep our overheads low, we buy our materials in bulk and manufacture in larger volumes and this helps us to keep our prices low. Our customers naturally benefit from this by way of larger savings.


11) Honest and unbiased advise before purchase
A rare trait, we believe in being honest and frank with our customers. If we feel that a certain product is not suitable for your needs, we will advise you so. We will never oversell our products to our customers, we will always work honestly with you and give you our honest and professional advise at all times.  We have traded under the same company name for over 37 years and have done so by adopting good business and moral ethics.


12) Great after-sales support
Supplying our machines to you is not the end of our business relationship, hopefully, it will be the start of a longer term association. We will continue to offer our customers excellent after-sales service for an unlimited period. We are not ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ type of company - our 37 years of trading in this field is a testament and proof that we are here to stay.


13) In-depth training video and instruction manual
With your purchase, you will receive an in-depth training download lasting approximately 2 Hours and 30 Minutes. This DVD  will take you through the entire process, step-by-step. This is what one of customer says about the training DVD “The Training DVD is lengthy but well worth watching the whole way through - I went from never having used a foil press to knowing exactly what I was doing and why”. The good thing about the video is that you can fast forward it to the relevant section. We do however encourage you to watch the full video to gain a better understanding on how to use your machine.

We also supply an in-depth training manual (PDF) which will also take you through the entire process , step-by-step. The training manual and DVD is based on the Foilcraft 4x3 - however, as the Foilcraft Junior and EZ Pro are very similar, the one video and Instruction manual can easily be referred to both machines.


14) No waiting - prompt shipment around the world
Upon receipt of funds, we can ship your machine out promptly - often within 24-48 hours. We test each machine before it leaves our premises so as to ensure that you do not experience any issues once your machine has been received. Each machine is put on test for at least two hours for your peace of mind.

No matter where you are in the world, we can deliver to you promptly.


15) High quality in-house brass type and die making service
We can now also supply high quality brass type and dies. Infact, we can now manufacture brass type in virtually any font and in most languages. All you need to do is to send us the font folder and we should be able to quote you accordingly. Brass type and dies are preferred by professionals and also those looking to foil emboss onto soft leather as it is much more deeply etched and the chances of getting misprints are greatly minimised when compared to metal type on soft leather.

16) CE Marked. Out hot foil stamping machines are CE approved for safety

17) PAT Tested. Our hot foil machines are further PAT tested for additional safety

18) Free loan machine offer. Commencing August 2023, if you purchase any of our new hot foil stamping machines at the full price, then, if in the highly unlikely event your machine needs to come back to our warehouse for servicing or repairs, we will loan you a machine so your work is not disrupted in anyway. We will arrange delivery and pick up of the loan machine at no extra cost to you (UK only). We will always endeavour to send you an identical machine to yours but reserve the right to send you an alternative machine, depending on our stock levels.

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Foilcraft 4x3 Hot Foil Printing Machine

4 x Adjustable pressure screws

for correct print head
alignment - a must have!

Floating Bed

Floating Bed makes it easier to 
print onto bags etc.

Hot Foil Machine with Floating Bed
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