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Brother ScanNCut CM300

Brother ScanNCut CM300

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  • Description

    Brother ScanNCut CM300

    The Brother ScanNCut CM300 is perfect for beginner or intermediate level creators who want to add a new dimension to their projects.

    With 600 pre-created built-in designs and 5 fonts to work with the CM300 allows you to get going straight out of the box! You can cut or draw onto materials up to 1.5mm in thickness and the scanner functional allows you to effortlessly turn hand drawn designs into digital cut files.

    With a clear and easy to use 3.75″ LCD touchscreen with stylus included, tweaking and editing your designs is an effortless task and allows the ScanNCut to really stand apart from the competition.

    What is ScanNCut?

    Unlike other digital cutting tools on the market, Brother’s ScanNCut machines can be used completely independently of a computer so if you’re not comfortable using a computer you don’t need to get the full benefits out of the ScanNCut.

    Brother’s ScanNCut technology allows you to literally scan any image (whether pre-created, printed or hand drawn) into the machine and turn that image into a file that can be either cut or drawn onto your chosen media.


    Machine Features

    Create and edit your designs, all on the bright colour touchscreen. The extra-large non-glare touchscreen makes it easier than ever to edit, zoom and customise your designs with no PC or mobile device required.

    SVG Data Readability
    With the ScanNCut DX SDX1200 there is no need to covert SVG files before cutting out, as the machine can read them directly. More time crafting, less time converting.

    Built-In Patterns
    Packed with 5 fonts and 600 built-in designs, 100 of which are quilting patterns, the CM300 has something for every project or occasion. The machine comes with basic shapes, intricate designs, borders, quilt patterns, fonts and more.

    SVG Readability
    Can read SVG Files directly – no need to convert first. More time creating, less time converting.

    Cutting & Drawing Features

    Direct Cut
    Scan your material, create the outline cuts and select your design straight from the surface to cut out. Remove the hassle of hand-cutting designs from your favourite papers and fabrics.

    Cut To 1.5mm
    The 1.5mm cutting blade gives you the freedom to explore a variety of materials, all with one versatile blade.

    Pen Draw (Optional)
    With ScanNCut you can change your cut file – whether it’s from a previous scanned image or a built-in design – then recreate the design into a drawing in a matter of seconds, with a selection of fill patterns to choose from.

    Scanning Features

    Built-In Scanner Technology
    Scan virtually anything – a handmade drawing, a magazine clipping, cherished photos and more – create endless cut and draw designs and save to the machine’s memory with the 300 dpi scanner.

    Scan, edit and create your own designs and save it as a cut file. ScanNCut will automatically create cut lines which can be used to cut, draw or emboss.
    *Additional purchase needed for embossing function.

    CanvasWorkspace Design Software

    We will reiterate here that you do not need a computer to use the ScanNCut machines from Brother but if you would like to take your designing to the next level then Brother’s CanvasWorkspace software allows you to do just that.


    This is a completely FREE cloud-based (meaning you will have to be connected to the internet to be able to use it) design software package that works with Brother’s ScanNCut machines.

    CanvasWorkspace allows you to design when ever and where ever you like and then send those designs directly to your ScanNCut machine either wirelessly or via a USB Flash Drive.

    CanvasWorkshop also comes with hundreds of free projects to further inspire your creativity.

    >> Click To Download CanvasWorkSpace <<

  • What's in the box?

    What's Included

    1 x Standard Blade Holder Inc Blade
    1 x 12″ x 12″ Low Tack Cutting Mat
    1 x Cardstock Sheet
    1 x Accessory Storage Pouch
    1 x Capacitive Touch Screen Stylus
    1 x Spatula
    Built-In Designs: 600 (All Resizable)
    Built-In Quilt Patterns: 100
    Included Fonts: 5
    UK 3 Pin Power Lead
    Full UK Technical Support
    Exclusive 3 Year UK Extended Warranty


    Brother ScanNCut CM300 Key Features:

    Main Functions: Scanning | Cutting | Drawing | Embossing
    Width: 12″ Wide Stand-Alone Digital Cutting, Drawing & Scanning Tool
    Blade Pressure & Depth Adjustment: Manually Adjusted
    3.7″ LCD Colour Touch Screen
    Max Cut Depth: 1.5mm
    Max Scanning Area: 12″ x 12″
    Built-In 300 DPI Capable Scanner
    Precise & Quiet Cutting
    SVG Data Readability
    2 x USB Ports For Data Transfer & Connectivity

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