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e-mark Wristbands

e-mark Wristbands

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  • e-mark Wristbands

    The COLOP e-mark wristbands give you the opportunity to create personalised wristbands for events, parties, and many other occasions.  As with all of our accessories, you can print in full colour and use all of the speical function such as real-time dates and automatic numbering, making the wristbands perfect for keeping count of guest at events, or even to create fun, colourful ID bracelets for family days out or gifts at kids parties.

    The wristbands are provided in packs of 10 sheets, each sheet contains 10 individual bands which are pre-perforated for easy separation.  Each band measures 19x250mm and are tear, friction and water resistant making them hard wearing and durable.


    • 100 wristbands per pack – x10 sheets of 10 bands
    • Each band measures 19 x 250mm
    • Tear, frictiona and water resitant
    • Colour: White


    Weight: 160g
    Dimensions (L x W x H) of sheet: 250 x 190 x 0.3mm
    Packaging Dimensions (L x W x H) of individual wristbands: 250x x 19 x 0.3mm
    Special Instructions: The sensor of the e-mark is unable to detect movement on the wristbands itself.  When printing, ensure you use the wristband sheets from the bottom up to ensure the e-mark detects movement on the surface on which the wristbands are placed
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