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Silhouette Premium Blade

Silhouette Premium Blade


Silhouette Premium Blade
Currently limit to 1 per customer
Shipping and VAT added at Checkout

  • Silhouette Premium Blade

    Due to a Shortage across the UK market, we must currently limit to 1 per customer to best service the market in a fair and consistent way. Once normal stock deliveries resume we will remove this limit. Please do not order more that one item as this might delay shipment.

    The Premium Blade from Silhouette is compatible with all of Silhouette’s Digital Cutting Machines and can generate up to three times the lifespan of a standard black or blue blade under normal cutting conditions.


    Key Features:

    • Contains: 1 x Premium Blade
    • Blade Material: Sintered Tungsten Alloy
    • Blade Adjustment: Manual Adjustment (Turned By Hand)
    • Blade Length Range: 0.1mm – 1mm
    • Compatible Materials: Cardstock | Vinyl | Craft Foam | Heat Transfer Material | Other Specialty Media
    • Compatible Machines: Silhouette Cameo (All Versions) | Silhouette Portrait (All Versions) | Silhouette Curio
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