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110V UV Ultra MK3 Exposure Unit

110V UV Ultra MK3 Exposure Unit


110V UV Ultra MK3 Exposure Unit


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    110V UV Ultra Exposure Unit
    Please note this machine is designed for use in the USA region.
    Please Contact Us to order this unit!

    Your hunt for a quality Exposure Units, at an affordable price is finally over!

    We now have high quality Exposure Units starting from as little as £250.00+VAT (UV Ultra MK3 as shown here). UV Exposure Units are used in many sectors of the industry to create:- 

    • PCB's
    • Hot Foil Polymer Plates
    • Letterpress Polymer Plates
    • Pad Printing Plates (Clichés)
    • Sandblasting Stencils
    • Glassetching Stencils
    • 'Rubber Stamps' etc.


    Maximum exposure area 260mm x 210mm


    The UV Ultra MK3 now replaces the original MK1 & MK2 versions with the added benefit of:-

    (a) Post Exposure Tray and 
    (b) A Digital 999 Seconds Timer.
    (c) Powerful Bright White UV Lamps at no extra cost

    Accurate exposure times are essential on some materials - therefore, incorporating a digital timer on the UV Ultra MK3 has been greatly welcomed by industry in general.

    The UV Ultra not only offers more modern features and design, but it is also 1/4 the price of what our competitors charge for their unit. 

    The UV Ultra MK 3 has got to be the cheapest Exposure Unit Light Box on the market. There is no other comparative exposure unit on the market that can match ours for quality, size and price.

    The UV Ultra boasts 6 x 8w bright white uv lamps to give you faster and better exposure. This also comes in very handy when you are exposing several plates or stencils at once as this gives you even UV light exposure over your plates or stencils.

    However, that's not all - The UV Ultra MK3 also features a 999 seconds Digital Timer for greater exposure accuracy as well as a post-exposure tray.


    Just look at the UV Ultra's cool features!


        New modern design 
         Robust all metal construction
         Light source: Ultra Violet Light (UV)
         6 x 8w Powerful UV lamps (365 NM)
         Easy to replace 'twist 'n lock' UV lamps
         Exposure duration: 0 - 999 Seconds Digital Timer
         Post Exposure Drawer
         Firm contact between artwork and media
         On/Off switch
         Maximum exposure area 260mm x 210mm
         Power supply 110v (Suitable for USA)
         Machine dimensions (unpacked) 300 x 290 x 75mm
         Machine dimensions (packed) 320 x 310 x 90mm
         Weight: 5kgs.
         Fully 'CE' approved.
         Spare lamps £5.00+VAT each


    These exposure units are mass produced to keep prices low and thus there may be some minor superficial imperfections to paintwork etc.  These are only cosmetic and do not affect the operation of the exposure units in anyway whastoever.

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