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Pencil Printing with the Foilcraft Mayfair Machine

Pencil printing has never been easier.

Have you seen those whimsical quotes on pencils and wondered how its done? Well, using the Foilcraft Mayfair Machine, you can create these too 😊

Personalised pencils make a great gift. You can even accompany the pencils with a personalised box that you have hot foiled also using the Mayfair Machine. That's correct, it's not just for printing pencils. The range of hot foil machines we have are perfect for personalisation work and can print on various materials including most types of Leathers, PU, PVC, smooth glossy Card and Paper.

We have packages available that include everything you will need to get started. For more information please contact us via email: and we will send you a comprehensive information pack.

Thanks for reading!

More videos can be found on the following;

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