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Preparation for an export order

Our Foilcraft Hot Foil Stamping Machines are very much in demand in overseas markets too. We export on almost a weekly basis. Having meticulously designed the Foilcraft hot foil machines in the UK by time-spent engineers and designers, along with our very attractive pricing structure, it's no wonder that our overseas customers find our offers irresistible! Our Foilcraft hot foil printing machines are designed around quality, affordability, compactness (small deskspace) and easy of use. Of course, on top of this is the excellent instruction manual and training DVD we supply along with our pre-sale and after-sales support. We have kept the weight of our machines to around 10-11kgs, which makes them economical to ship to any corner of the globe without the high shipping charges often associated with heavier and bulkier machines. We are probably the only company who offer to test on to your products free of charge before even spending a penny with us. We want our customers to be happy with their purchase - we are here for the long term and that is good news for our customers who can confidently make a purchase from us with the knowledge that we are always here for them should they ever need our support

Foilcraft Hot Foil Stamping Machines

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