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Ribbon Station

Ribbon Station

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  • Ribbon Station

    The COLOP e-mark® Ribbon Station enables the e-mark to act like a professional roll printer without losing any of its flexibility.

    In combination with our Ribbon Guides, it transforms the COLOP e-mark® into a stationary printer.  Whether you need to print a full roll of ribbon, a specific legnth, or just short ribbon runs of varying lengths, the COLOP e-mark® handles the intense need of individualisation, flexibility and efficiency in a unique and easy to use way.

    Package includes x3 FREE ribbon guides!



    The Ribbon Station is compatible with the COLOP e-mark® app and not with the COLOP e-mark® create app.  Specially designed templates within the app enable you design your own personalised ribbon and set the print to your desired length.



    • Package includes: x1 Ribbon Station, x1 10mm Ribbon Guide, x1 15mm Ribbon Guide, x1 25mm Ribbon Guide
    • Made from beech wood
    • Create your own professional looking personalised ribbons in seconds


    Contents: x1 Ribbon Station, x3 FREE Ribbon Guides
    Weight: 458g
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 400 x 150 x 140mm
    Material: Beech
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