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Purchase your hot foil stamping machine from a well established British Company with excellent pre and after-sales service.

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If you are looking for a good quality Hot Foil Embossing Machine or a Hot Foil Stamping Machine, then you have come to the right place. You will not find this machine elsewhere as it is manufactured by us, giving us total control over quality. This cannot be offered by other mass produced machines.

Thanks to the great British Design, decades of practical experience and robust manufacturing processes, our Hot Foil Stamping Machines are now available at highly affordable prices. You won’t find such an impressive combination of affordability and quality anywhere else.


Just like the many far more expensive alternatives, our CE certified Hot Foil Printing Machines are made from solid steel, including lots of flexible options for printing on different shapes and surfaces, and allow you to adjust and fine tune the settings to achieve perfect results.

With our hot foil stamping machines, you can feel confident that our machines are user-friendly and made to last, have in-built safety features and come with comprehensive instructions as well as free UK based telephone, email or whatsapp support as needed.



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European accents and foreign

fonts also available!

A bit of background about Hot Foil Printers

The hot foil printing machine is known by many names: a hot foil stamping machine, a gold blocking machine, gold foil printing machine, a leather embossing machine, a foil blocking machine, hot stamping machine or even simply a foil printer.

The key feature of all these is that is uses metallic, matt, holographic or multi-coloured foils, high temperature and hand pressure to print on to a range of pliable surfaces. With the Foilcraft 4x3 and the Foilcraft Junior Hot Foil Stamping Machines, the creative possibilities are endless.

With our Foil Stamping Machines, you can easily emboss (foil stamp) or deboss (create an impression without using any foil) onto leather handbags, wallets, purses, note books & journals, leather belts, paper napkins, pencils to name but a few.

Emojis and Dies for Hot Foil Stamping

 We can supply British Made
Brass Letters & Emojis from stock**

Our machines are much more versatile than anything else available on the market within this price bracket - which in turn makes our exclusive British Designed Hot Foil Machines very popular and sought-after around the world. Our machines are half the price and twice as versatile when compared to others. It's a win-win!

* We deliver worldwide in approximately 5 working days from receipt of payment via DHL. This does include any extra time it may take to manufacture custom made brass letters which can add on extra time - please enquire.

** We can supply a few popular styles and sizes from stock whilst others are made to order.

If you love personalisation
... then you really need to talk to us,
the experts in hot foil stamping

Our customers include some well known brand names


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