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Brass Letters
for other Hot Foil Machines

Welcome to this page! You will be pleased to know that our high quality brass letters/type as well as emojis can also fit other popular hot foil stamping machines on the market - as long as they have the facility to hold type/letters and do not rely solely on dies.

We have supplied our high quality brass letters for those using the following brands of machines:-

* Kwikprint

* Howard Personalizer
* Kingsley
* Franklin

* John T Marshall

* Blockmaster

and many other similar models.

The height of our brass letters/type is 23.35mm which is about 0.918" (just slightly under 1 inch high) This is the Anglo-American standard.

Our letters are engraved to about 2.5mm depth.
We can etch deeper at extra cost.




Brass Letters for Hot Foil Stamping

Brass Type made in any size, any style including foreign fonts

Emojis and Dies for Hot Foil Stamping

Brass Emojis & Dies made to order



Made in

Brass Letters for Hot Foil Stamping

23.35mm High


Looking for a Hot Foil Machine?

If you do not already own a hot foil stamping machine or yours is now obsolete, heavy and bulky, or on it's way out,  then we can help you with our range of British Designed affordable hot foil stamping machines and accessories.  Our hot foil stamping machines are available in 110v as well as 220/240v and can be used anywhere in the world.

We export worldwide. No waiting, we despatch promptly on receipt of payment (brass letters are made to order so will a little longer to manufacture). We do however keep a small amount of the most popular fonts in stock - please click here to view.


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