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We are looking for reputable and experienced dealers to help us expand into international markets.

We offer generous discounts not only on machines but also accessories and consumables too.  Only those with a real desire to succeed need apply.


We are also looking for 'affiliates' for who are able to advertise and promote our machines and products on their website in return for a commission on the result of a successful sale/purchase, subject to T&C's.

Dealers will need to purchase stock to resell. Affiliates do not need to make any purchases from us but need to promote our products on their website, which will earn them a commission on the result of a successful sale, subject to our T&C's.

To apply
To be considered for either a dealer or an affiliate, please email us full and further information about yourself and your business.

Dealer appointed
We have just appointed our first dealer in Thailand and are in talks with 2-3 more in various parts of the world. Don't miss this rare opportunity to be a part of a success story.

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