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Free Leather offcuts for you to practice on!

As a caring company, we realise that when our customers purchase their hot foil stamping machine from us, they will need to practice a little. Naturally you do not want to be using up your products whilst practising - for this reason we supply a selection of FREE LEATHER OFFCUTS (cut in random shapes) as well as a FREE ROLL OF FOIL!

There is nothing worse than having to purchase these after having just purchased a machine, right?  We understand this business and are always looking ways to help and assist our customers. By choosing your Foilcraft Hot Foil Stamping Machines from us, you will always be reassured of our thorough knowledge within this industry and our willingness to go that extra mile to help you.

We have 100's of very satisfied customers around the world, why not join them and let us assist you in achieving your personalisation goals.

Please note: We appreciate that not everyone who purchases our machine will be printing onto leather and some of our customers may indeed be vegan - therefore if you do not require any leather offcuts with the machine, please let us know in advance and we will ensure that none are included with the machine. You will however still receive our Free rolls of metallic gold foil and some business cards to practice with.

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