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High-End Leather Goods - CLEARANCE LINES

Our products are made from high quality Saffiano Leather.   All edges are sealed to ensure optimum quality and feel soft to touch thereby adding that extra luxury factor to our range. Saffiano Leather was initially invented by the well known brand 'Prada'.

Our prices are subject to change without any prior notice. Postage & VAT is extra on top

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Personalized goods are in demand everywhere, and with our hot foil stamping machines and leather goods, you too could tap into this lucrative market. High-end products allow you to command a premium price, hence higher profit margins too.

An inspiring story of how two young ladies turned a personalization business into a 30 million AUD business can be seen here. Or to see real examples what others are successfully selling their personalized goods for, please click here.

Hopefully, you are a positive enough person to see the real facts and are prepared to grab a real  business opportunity presented to you here at Creative Printers of London.

When you purchase your leather goods from us, you will be purchasing the same high quality products as sold by companies such as those mentioned above. Purchasing at wholesale prices from us will allow you to add  large mark-ups for just a few minutes work!  What are you waiting for? Don't let this rare opportunity pass you by!

Let's see some examples of our wholesale prices for unprinted items, what others are charging and what sort of (huge) profit you can potentially make!


Remember, this can be run as a home-based business, so no major overheads at all.  You can work from your kitchen table at hours to suit you.
All you need is a simple website with online shopping and you are good to go. . There is also Instagram which can be launched quickly and allow you to reach a mass audience  for your personalized products. There is really no excuse to start your own personalization business. We at Creative Printers of London can assist you with hot foil stamping machines, letters, dies, foils and leather goods, all at very competitive prices. We really are your one stop supplier.


Please Note

Postage & VAT charged extra on our prices below at checkout.  Although our shipping costs are very competitive, you may find it more economical  to order more than you require immediately  so only one shipping cost is applied. Also, you may wish to order in quantity to benefit from our discount structure.

We have kept our wholesale prices highly competitive  to help and support our customers. Please note these are high end goods  which are produced to perfection. The edges are all sealed on our product  for greater protection and enhancement.  Our premium products are comparable to those  in high-end stores. High quality product allow you to retain higher margins.

Companies marked below as 'ABC Co' and 'XYZ Co' are real life companies whose online pries are as shown below.  We are just using generic names here for their privacy.


Heart Shaped Saffiano Leather Key Fob

Cost Price

Sell Price

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Saffiano Key Fob with Tassle

Tassle Saffiano Leather Key Fob

Cost Price

Sell Price

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