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Low Cost Pencil Stamping/Printing Machine

Personalizing pencils have seen a rapid growth in recent years and you can tap into this lucrative market with our Foilcraft Junior Hot Foil Pencil Stamping Machine/Starter Kit.

You can hot foil stamp onto hexagonal shaped HB pencils as well as coloured pencils. You can also hot foil stamp onto flat sided pencils such as carpenters pencils.

So whether you wish to print some pencils for a favourite teacher, children, grown up's, businesses, the market is huge!

You can personalize pencils with names, quotes from books, horoscope traits or anything else for that matter!


At CPL, we are the pioneers in supplying affordable British Designed  hot foil stamping machines for stamping onto pencils as well as leather goods.

We have many satisfied customers who have made a nice part-time business by hot foil stamping onto pencils.

Our Foilcraft Junior featured here is our entry level pencil stamping machine. Apart from pencils, you can of course also stamp initial and logos onto surfaces such as leather, paper, card, pvc etc. by selecting optional larger letters available from us.

We ship worldwide. Here are some package suggestions for pencil printing starter kits. All kits include the economy metal letters in Caps only. There is an option to upgrade to Brass Letters at extra cost.

1) Foilcraft Junior

2) Foilcraft EZ Pro

3) Foilcraft Mayfair

Pencil- Printing

Foilcraft Junior for hot foil stamping onto pencils

Here is our American customer using our Foilcraft Junior to hot foil stamp onto pencils. Kasee has made a nice thriving business out of personalising pencils.

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