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It's Party Time!

Personalised paper napkins always add that extra touch of luxury to any party! So whether it's a wedding, birthday or any party for that matter, offer a personalised paper napkin service and reap the rewards. If you have a few generic type-high dies made, then you use them with any font/type by adding a personalised message without having to fork out for an other die each time. Your type-high dies could for example consist of wedding bells, wedding rings, doves, hearts, stork/baby etc. The video below shows you how we have used a type-high die together with two lines of 18pt Type.

Personalising paper napkins is quick and easy and could lead to other orders for invites, personalised ribbons, as well as other keepsakes.

To get started, all you need is our Foilcraft 4x3 Hot Foil Printing Machine along with some foil, type, quads and spacers and a few slip cases - and you are ready to rock and roll! A typical package which may suit you is our Package 2a which includes 18pt type etc.

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