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Debunking Common Myths About Ribbon Printing: What You Need to Know

The ZX-40 Ultra Ribbon Printer is a versatile and widely used machine for creating customized designs on various materials, particularly Satin Style Ribbon, Sticker Vinyl and Wash-care Labels.

Despite it's popularity, there are several myths and misconceptions surrounding it.

Let's debunk some of these myths!


Myth 1: Ribbon Printing is Expensive

Fact: While the initial investment in a ribbon printer and supplies can be significant, the cost per printed ribbon is relatively low. Bulk printing, or even using our handy Multi-Print Attachments, is very cost-effective! Ask to take a look at our guidelines for an estimate on the cost per meter when printing a ribbon!

Myth 2: Only Professionals Can Do Ribbon Printing

Fact: Our Ribbon Printers have become accessible for everyone. We ship our machines worldwide, and you can print your chosen media in any language! Our machines are user-friendly and come with complete tutorial videos, a manual and our ongoing support. Even those with minimal technical/computer skills can achieve professional-looking results!


Myth 3: Ribbon Printing is Time-Consuming

Fact: Our ribbon printers are designed for efficiency and speed.

Once set up, the actual printing process is quick, often taking just seconds per ribbon. We offer pre-made templates in the most common ribbon sizes for the easy-to-use software to help save even more time!


Myth 4: Ribbon Printing is Limited to Ribbons

Fact: Despite the name, the ZX-40 Ultra Ribbon Printer can be used on various materials, including iron on labels, satin ribbon, polypropylene tearable Florist ribbon, and even die cut stickers and vinyl! This versatility makes the ZX-40 a valuable tool for a wide range of applications.


Myth 5: Printed Foils are Not Durable

Fact: Foils can be water-resistant, fade-resistant, and suitable for outdoor use, ensuring longevity and durability. We have different foils available for each material type, as shown below:

Ribbon Printing Foils

55mm and 110mm wide foil size

Various colour options available

Suitable for Printing onto Satin Style Ribbons

Wash-care Foils

Sticker Foils

By dispelling these myths, it's clear that our Ribbon Printer is an accessible, efficient, and versatile option for both personal and professional use. With the ZX-40, anyone can produce high-quality printed ribbons, stickers and labels!

AND WE HAVE EXCITING NEWS FOR 2024! We are hoping to be introducing the BRAND NEW ZX-40+ Ribbon Printer soon! We expect to have the machine released in early June 2024! The new ZX-40+ will also have HUGE new developments and below is a sneak peek of the top three features!:


•        The ZX-40+ will have 300 DPI Printhead as standard

•        Compatible with MAC drivers (OS 11 and higher) and Windows 10 or 11 (64-bit)

•        Wireless Printing when connected via Wifi

Find out more here, and you can even pre-order the machine today:

Our friendly team are always available to have a chat about what you are looking to achieve, and offer more advice.

You can contact us via email at for help at anytime! Or call us on 01708 731294, or chat with us via Whatsapp on +44 7542 592589.

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