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Foilcraft Mayfair is a runaway success at a trade show in Lyon, France!

Beechfield, best known for their famous headwear, decided to invest in our Foilcraft Mayfair Hot Foil Stamping Machine for on-the-spot personalisation. They took the Mayfair machine to a trade show in Lyon, France and it proved to by a show stopper with many key fobs being personalised for eager visitors to their stand.

In an email message, Chris Howarth, their product decoration consultant stated: "Just thought I would share some news with you. We took the Foilcraft Mayfair machine with us to the CTCO exhibit in Lyon last week. We had it set on the stand to do embossing demonstrations and giveaways for the public.

It went down a massive treat, everyone was very excited and interested in it. Many people hadn’t seen embossing before, so having it on the stand and being able to show the process and how easy it is to add personalisation’s onto products was great.

We must have seen over 400 people across the 3 days, many of which left with a bespoke embossed keyring. There was many people asking about the machine, where it came from, how they can get one, and how much. I directed them to your website, and many people took a photograph of your branding on the front of your machine" Before Chris purchased our machine, we offered to carry out free test prints onto their

'Bagbase' products. Needless to say, they were delighted, and decided to purchase our Foilcraft Hot Foil Stamping Machine. A 'test print' video can be seen below. If you would like to learn more about our famous hot foil stamping machines that are making a great presence around the world, please contact us for free details.

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