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Our largest Hot Foil Machine yet! - The Foilcraft Windsor!!

We were often faced with the question ‘Can I use the Foilcraft Machines to print onto large luggage bags?’ The answer used to be, ‘not really’. Due to the throat depth and height of the machines, this was not always possible.

You spoke, we listened.

The Foilcraft Windsor is a heavy duty vertical hot foil machine designed with oversized luggage, backpacks, handbags in mind – thanks to its throat depth and height adjustment. It’s not just for those oversized bags, it can also stamp onto smaller products too.

It’s super quick to change over the letters, thanks to the built-in multiple line, self-centring type holder. If you have a bulkier product, it’s simple, just a turn of the wheel at the top and you can adjust the height of the machine! Hey presto!

Boasting a large grid marked table and laser guide both to help with product alignment, not to forget the smaller raised table, we really haven’t cut any corners to bring you value-for-money!

It fits in to any environment with its black oxidised paint work and accented brass components. The Foilcraft Windsor really is an essential machine for a busy location looking for a well-built machine that’s easy to operate.

If you haven’t already seen our newest addition to our Foilcraft range, head over to our website - Foilcraft Windsor.

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