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The BRAND NEW ZX-40 Plus Ribbon Printer - AVAILABLE NOW!

We are pleased to introduce our ZX-40 Plus Ribbon Printer:

Our new ZX-40 PLUS is a great desktop printer and we are excited to announce that the machine is now available!

The machine is very versatile and is able to print onto single / double faced satin style ribbon, onto bumper sticker vinyl and onto washcare label materials.



We have listened to our customers feedback, and the new ZX-40 PLUS has huge new developments! Here are the top three features:


•        The ZX-40 PLUS will have 300 DPI printhead as standard!

•        Native MAC drivers (OS 11 and higher) and compatible with Windows 10 or 11 (64-bit)

•        Wireless Printing when connected via Wifi (You no longer need the USB cable connected to send your print commands to the machine) Our Starter Package will contain all you need to start off with the machine! Find our more through the link below:

We can also supply a large range of foils for the machine and our full list of foils and other accessories can be found here:  

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