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Felt Blanket - For EZ Etching Press

Felt Blanket - For EZ Etching Press



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  • Product Information


    Our Premium Felt Blankets can be used with our EZ Etching Press Machine and depending on the printmaking process, we have found that a blanket can add more cushioning and help to improve print results.


    Choice of Colour Options Available From:

    Light Blue, Dark Blue, Grey, Green, Baby Pink and Rose Pink


    Blanket is approximately 13" Width x 19" Length (33cm x 48cm), making this item large enough for A3 sized prints.
    (Note: The felt is handcut so a small tolerence is required on the measurement​​​​​​)​

    This optional upgrade is also compatible with our larger 25.5", 29.5" and 39" EZ Etching Press machines.


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