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Special Discounts


At CPL,  we would like to do our bit to help out the Education System/Students as well Senior Citizens or those over 60. We would also like to help out those who tirelessly look after us for our health and protection.

In order to assist, we could  consider offering some form of discount on some of our products. 

Please contact us to see how we can assist you.

Senior Citizens.png

Our other 
Charitable contributions

At CPL, we also regularly contribute to a number of charities including:-

* Prostate Cancer

* Marie Curie

* MacMillan Cancer Support

* Alzheimer's Society

* Air Ambulance

Animal Welfare

* Donkey Sanctuary

* Guide Dogs for the Blind

We have also earmarked further contributions to be made this year to:-


* World Food Programme  (WFP)
* Water Aid

We feel that we can all make a positive difference  by donating (however little) to all types of charities in the UK and around the world.

We also plan to donate to Charities, any revenue we earn from our Youtube Channel.

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