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Complete ready-to-go package


Complete with:
1 x Foilcraft Junior plus Training Video
18pt Caps Metal Letters (Click here to see other styles)
1 x 18pt Slip Case
1 x 18pt Quads & Spacers
1 x Metallic Gold Foil

Union Jack.png


for a limited


From USD 619.00     AUD 876.00 + Shipping

If you wish to upgrade from 18pt metal letters to say, 24, 30 or 36pt, then that is not a problem at all as we work out the correct sum for you. Also, if you wish to upgrade to the deeper etched brass letters, we can also assist you there to - please contact us for a revised quote!

The examples shown below were printed using cheaper metal letters.

The Foilcraft range of machines are exclusively manufactured by us to high specifications - you will not find them anywhere else, which should reassure you that these are not mass produced items but each one is hand made.

The Foilcraft Junior has a generous print bed area and its height can be increased by almost 2 inches!  With an impressive print area of almost 4" x 1.25", it can handle several lines of letters as well as emojis and dies too (see images below)

On a tight budget but need a quality hot foil stamping machine with excellent support?

Do you want to test the water before purchasing more expensive brass letters?

If the above applies to you, then this one-off special deal could be exactly what you could be after!

For just £650.00+VAT, you will receive our brand new

* Foilcraft Junior hot foil stamping machine beautifully finished off in stunning matt black,

* A set of 18pt Metal Letters in capitals (single set)

* 1 x 18pt Slip Case to holders letters  

*  1 x 18pt Quads and Spacers.

* Die holding block

* 1 x Roll of  standard metallic gold foil


Here, you have everything at your fingertips to start personalising goods immediately!

Need to upgrade? - no problem, we can help. Please see options below or contact us for further help.

How many of each letters do I get?

Type Synopsis.jpg

You receive a single set of 18pt metal capital letters with the above package at £650.00+VAT.  The number of each letter you will receive is shown in the chart on the left hand side  eg. 3 x A, 3 x I, 3 x N etc.
(This is guide only). You can also double up on the set as an optional extra. Other fonts can be viewed by clicking here.

You can upgrade to other size of letters as show on the left here:-

Upgrade to 24pt + £22.00+VAT, Upgrade to 30pt +£31.00+VAT,
Upgrade to 36pt + £55.00+VAT

Slip Cases: 24pt-30pt +£4.99+VAT,  36pt +£8.00+VAT

Quads & Spacers: 24pt-30pt + £5.00+VAT, 36pt +£8.00+VAT

Examples of items printed using metal letters

9 (2).jpg

Cheaper metal letters are generally good enough for foil stamping initials onto smooth leather goods as well as smooth card, covers etc. However, they are not as deeply etched as brass letters. Therefore, of you intend applying more pressure into leather (especially softer leather), then we would suggest that you should opt for deeper etched brass letters.

Large versatile letters & die holder


Watch videos here

Watch our demo video here where Paige shows you her printing onto a number of products using the Foilcraft Junior with brass letters.

You can see that printing goods is easy and effortless with our Foilcraft hot foil stamping machines.

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