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hot foil stamping

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on any product!

"אנחנו מציבים לקוחות
שביעות רצון על פני רווח"

Take your leather goods to the next level of prestige and luxury with our Hot Foil Stamping Machine. With our easy-to-use machine, you can offer a personalized service and add value to your products by hot foil stamping onto journals, wallets, handbags, key fobs, and more. Our dedicated team provides full after-sales support to ensure your machine runs smoothly.


Our small table-top machines are robust and designed in the UK.  We export worldwide. Please contact us for a competitive shipping quote.

We appreciate this method of personalization may be new to many of you, but rest assured, the process is quite simple as can be seen in our videos. Furthermore, you are welcome to talk/chat to use free via WhatsApp, and you will be talking to real and knowledgeable people who are passionate about hot foil stamping.

We do not believe in hard sell and we advertise our prices openly. CPL are a very transparent company and this is reinforced by the fact that they have continuously operated under the same trading name of 'Creative Printers of London' (aka CPL) since 1986 and are indeed very proud to be run as a family business.


As well as supplying hot foil equipment, we can also assist you with letters, emojis, dies, foils etc, all under one roof.


Contact us today for a free info pack and a discount voucher!


The best & most versatile hot foil stamping machines

Fast and low cost
shipping worldwide

להכוונה ותמיכה מלאה
אנא פנה אלינו לקבלת ייעוץ חינם

צפה בהרבה סרטי הדגמה כאן

הלקוחות שלנו כוללים כמה שמות מותגים ידועים

כל סימני המסחר מאושרים. התמונות מוצגות להמחשה בלבד והן מעידות על כך שביצענו עבודה עבור כמה שמות מותגים או שהמוצרים שלנו אושרו על ידם.

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