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ZX-R Ribbon Rewinder

ZX-R Ribbon Rewinder


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  • Product Information

    The ZX-R is our new and latest addition to our range.

    With the ZX-R, you can rewind ribbons automatically as they are printed out from your ZX-40 Ribbon Printer.  This saves time in having to manually rewind ribbons, especially on  a large run.

  • Specification

    Voltage: 100v-220v
    Speeed: 8 speed settings (to synchronize with your ribbon printer)
    Core range: 1-3" (Can rewind without cardboard tubes too)
    Maximum width of ribbon: 100mm (4" approximately)
    Rewinding method:Foward and Reverse
    Packing size: 375 x 265 x 290mm
    Weight: 4.2kg
    Supplied with UK Plug (Overseas adapters can be used - not supplied here)

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