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AZ Double Sided UV Vacuum Exposure Units

AZ Double Sided UV Vacuum Exposure Units


AZ Double Sided Vacuum UV Units - from £1150+VAT
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    BRITISH MADE Double Sided UV  Vacuum Units
    (AZ Range to order only with a lead time to manufacture about 4 weeks. Prices are shown for information only)

    A double sided vacuum UV is an essential tool for the production of double sided PCBs. The ability to expose both sides of the board at once eliminates the immense problem of artwork registration for two separate exposures on a single sided unit.

    The AZ series use a vacuum to ensure the artwork and material to be exposed are held in perfect contact. When fine tracks are required on a PCB or detailed definition on a graphic reproduction, an AZ vacuum UV Exposure unit should be chosen. 

    Double or single sided can be carried out by switching mode on the unit.

    All the AZ units now feature the latest rubber frame and glass plate vacuum system for the ultimate exposure resolution.

    An adjustable selectable 0-600 seconds or 0-100 mins timer is fitted to give the operator greater flexibility.

    A vacuum gauge is also fitted in the machine enabling the operator to check the level of vacuum before activating the UV tubes. 

    A vacuum down to 0.2 bar can be created.   
    All units come complete with an IEC socket and moulded 13 amp plug.  The special fluorescent lamps emit a wavelength of 350-400nm (UV A)

    Please contact us on 01708-731294 to purchase

    Specification AZ210  (£1150.00+VAT)

    Working area: 360 x 230mm (14.2″ x 9″)
    Timer: 0 – 600 Seconds or 1-100 min
    UV Output: 8 x 15W (4-5 mW/cm²)
    Dimensions: 475 x 425 x 140 mm
    Weight: 16.0kg
    British Made
    CE Approved


    Specification AZ220  (£1490.00+VAT)

    Working area: 520 x 390mm (20.5″ x 15.4″)
    Timer: 0 – 600 Seconds or 1- 100min
    UV Output: 12 x 18W (3.5-4.5 mW/cm²)
    Dimensions: 625 x 605 x 140 mm
    Weight: 25.0kg
    British Made
    CE Approved



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