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Pressure Contact UV Exposure Unit

Pressure Contact UV Exposure Unit


Pressure Contact UV Exposure Unit 
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    This is a high quality Pressure Contact UV exposure unit featuring UV tubes in the lid to aid artwork registration and a contact vacuum seal.

    To perform an exposure, the artwork and UV sensitive material being exposed are placed on the precision exposure pad onto PVC coated base.   The pressure seal can create around 0.25 bar pressure.

    Exposure is controlled by an adjustable selectable 0-600 second or 0-100 minute digital timer that is set via touch keys. The set time counts down during exposure and flashes to indicate the exposure is complete.  The UV Unit is supplied with an IEC socket and moulded 13 amp socket.

    UVA Tubes have an emission peak of 360-365nm



    Foam Pad Working area: 360 × 230mm  (14.2” × 9”)
    Timer:  0 – 600 secs or 0-100 Minutes
    UV Output: 4 ×18W (4-5-5.5 mW/cm²)
    Dimensions: 480 ×425 ×110mm
    Weight: 11.5kg
    British Made
    CE Approved



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