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Silhouette Spatula Tool

Silhouette Spatula Tool

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Silhouette Spatula Tool. VAT  & Shipping added at Checkout.

  • Product Info

    The Silhouette Universal Spatula is the perfect tool to lift delicate designs from the cutting mat without curling or tearing.

    Key Features:

    • Contains: 1 x Universal Spatula
    • Allows For Easy Lifting Of Delicate Designs
    • Lightweight
    • Grippy Rubber Coating
    • Hook Will Arrive In Either Black Or White


    Silhouette Universal Spatula

    Never struggle with lifting delicate designs from your cutting mat again with the Silhouette Universal Spatula. The Spatula allows you to lift media without tearing, curling or stretching it, the pointed tip allows you to slide the Spatula under the design with ease and allows you to move the project accurately into place and apply with ease. The Spatula features a lightweight plastic handle which has a grippy rubber coating to generate extra grip and allow for a comfortable and assured experience.

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